our accoutants don’t book manually, they import the data and check the entries – comparable to a pilot applying an autopilot and intervening only if necessary.


For our accountancy services we use high tech software. Our clients provide us with the bookkeeping documents in electronical form, preferably in pdf. format. The originals stay at the client for further use eg. in case of warranty. Our accounting system scans the documents using OCR – recognition with regard to bookeeping relevant information and registers the individual business transaction automatically.

In a similar kind we import data of the bank account’s payment flows or sales lists provided by our clients and again register the transactions automatically as far as possible. The more documents and payment flows an enterprise deals with, the more efficiency could be achieved by utilization of our high tech accounting.

Using an internet connection to our system our clients can retrieve numerous bookkeeping reports, make analyses, and access documents like invoices.